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Behind Barrs

Don't do the crime if you can't do the time

Det. Jaclyn Barr
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Name: Jaclyn (Jackie) Barr, Detective

Age: 30

Appearance: Jackie is 5'10" with long dark hair, and an athletic build. She has a tattoo of a yinyang on her left shoulderblade and both ears are pierced.

Background: Until she was 10, Jaclyn lived in New Jersey with her parents, Lisa and Jared, and her little sister Diane. Her father worked as a lawyer and her mother was a teacher. When her father fell in love with his secretary, they got divorced. Lisa, Jaclyn and Diane moved to New York. A few years later, the secretary moved on. In spite of the divorce, her parents remained friendly to each other and continue to do so to this day. Jaclyn gets along well with both parents, but Diane was never able to forgive Dad for leaving.

Jackie graduated NYU with a BA in Criminal Justice and full honors. She also participated in track and volleyball. After graduating college and the Academy, her first job was a beat cop. After a couple of years, she transferred to Vice. She got good at posing as a hooker to pick up johns. It was the start of her undercover practice.

Personality: Jackie's usually in a good mood. She's smart as a whip and has a smart mouth. Not surprisingly, she usually plays the 'good cop' in the interrogation room.

Quirks/Weaknesses/Flaws: Jackie's normally easygoing, but she can get quite vicious if she feels she's being attacked. She's also a big fan of Happy Meal Toys and has several of them scattered across her desk. Although Jackie is close to her parents, she's also fiercely overprotective of her little sister Diane. She talks to Diane several times a day and Diane sometimes drops by the squad room to visit. Jackie also suffers from job-related insecurity accentuated by the fact her father thinks she is not cut out to be a cop.